I've been thinking of it for a while but I'm still afraid... to do it...!
Afraid to do like everyone else,
Afraid of not having the time to do it well,
Afraid of what I'll do during the holidays (take them to Great Britain!)
Afraid of my own reputation (I'm part of a line of chicken brooders)
Afraid of overdose fresh eggs (and cholesterol!)
Afraid of the huge choice of hen houses design...
Chicken coops ... there are so many differents ! wood, metal, plastic ... modular, kits, all colors, for two or more hens ... all prices also ... This small non-exhaustive overview will give you an idea of ​​the creativity in the design of chicken coops for balcony or urban garden!

The classic, wooden, hencoop ... the tractor version, movable, wheeled .... floorless ...

You can fall in love for the 5-year warranty, house and enclosure, wood and aluminum, designed for several hens. Easy to clean and anti-slip ... Yes, dear friends, we do not skimp on the safety of our birds!

Or opt for the french chicken ... 100% French kit, adjustable ... with a door to close at night to avoid "impromptu" predators!
There is much more original, for hens that are a bit lazy to lay eggs ... This is the henhouse of designers Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan British, a work in duo .... A chicken coop ideal to host your rooster and three hens!


There is the cocot'homme, French design... Chicken on the floor and hanging garden !

The Eglu chicken (watch the video) ... washable, ideal for the gardener who can use the droppings for fertilizer, eggs by opening a side door, and the icing on the cake, or rather hen on the perch, dating with foxes are impossible thanks to fences ... In short, you can sleep soundly, chickens and eggs are well guarded. What could be better?


The Breton version (about forty kilometers from Nantes) metal, the Abricocotte for 1-3 chickens ... colored on the outside and wood inside ...

And finally the large family ....

when you're ready for the livestock industry ....

It is so hard to choose... I know. I suggest to all designer coops of anywhere in the world: a year of monthly columns against delivery of a mobile chicken coop ... Users, that you have tested, which do you recommend?